The Price of Knowledge

Back Into the Fire

Return to Gelmiro II

Date – 4626736.M41

Subject – Return to Gelmiro II

Background – Several months ago (6543736.M41) one of our research stations was raided by an Inquisition team. The purpose of this station was to improve a scanner meant to detect Tyranid bio-signs. The details are unknown, but apparently the station was already compromised when the team arrived. The station was destroyed after a great deal of the information on the stations cogitator was extracted. A week ago (4621736.M41), this same team was sent to Gelmiro II. While it is unlikely, it is possible that they traced the source of the Tyranids on the station to Gelmiro II. We can not be sure of their intentions, but we can assume they are not compatible with our operations. Team Aquilla is to immediately travel to Gelmiro II aboard the Chimaera and retrieve as much of our operation there as possible. Lord Commander Beelzebub is of special importance and must be retrieved at all costs. Lord Commander Beelzebub and other important assets in the operation have coded vox sets whose decrypters Team Aquilla will be provided with.

Status of Mission – (4629736.M41) Team Aquilla has been contacted and should arrive for their briefing shortly.



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