The Price of Knowledge

The Treachery of the Fenryle Guard

The Road to War

Date – 4893735.M41

Subject – Sephano Prime’s Rebel Forces

Background – Three years ago (4912732.M41) the tithe for the world of Sephano Prime was raised by nearly 200%. Sephano Prime mines numerous metals, including a substantial amount of the rare metal adamantine. Sephano Prime’s previous tithe had long been seen as exceptionally low by the Ministorum and only the bureaucracy of Scintilla’s politicians prevented the planets tithe from being raised decades ago. This raise in the tithe will allow the Imperium of Man to improve life for everyone in the Calixis Sector, further bolstering the military, building new cities and much more. This seems to be lost on many of the Sephines. While the vast majority embrace the opportunity to better serve the Imperium, and through it the God-Emperor himself, praise be his name, a number are refusing this honor, going so far as to rebel against it. This is treason, and has been dealt with as such. Unfortunately, there have been set backs. The chief among them has been the defection of the former commander of the Fenryle Guard, Venris Merlov. Originally thought dead after a failed raid on a rebel compound two years ago (5345733.M41), Venris Merlov surfaced two months ago (5675735.M41), aiding rebel forces against the Guard. With the real amount of rebels an unknown, it may be to dangerous to risk a full assault. This action would likely destroy much of Sephano Prime’s mining capability, which must be avoided unless absolutely necessary. In addition, with the bulk of the Imperial Guard forces in the sector already in action elsewhere, a full assault on the rebels would severely deplete any ability to respond to further threats to the sector. It is felt that a surgical strike by the Inquisition may be a more prudent measure. Sephano Prime requests the presence of an Inquisition team to aid them.

Status of Mission – (4216736.M41) Four members of Team Aquilla, Decimus Modius Macer, Cypher Quintos, Khan and Jaghatai have been sent to Sephano Prime to end the threat to the planets security. The other members of Team Aquilla may be sent at a later date. They have been provided with two Dauntless Class Light Cruisers, the Chimaera and the Firestorm. The commander of the task force, named Task Force Hammer, is Captain Damien Talbert of the Chimaera.
UPDATE – (4220736.M41) The Acolyte Castus has been reassigned to Team Aquilla in order that he might aid the investigation. He has been given passage aboard a cargo vessel and should arrive at Sephano Prime within days of Team Aquilla.
UPDATE – (4225736.M41) Acolyte Barak has been sent to Sephano Prime so that he may add to Team Aquilla’s lethality. He should arrive on planet within a week of Team Aquilla.



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