Captain Damien Talbert

Captain of the Chimaera


Captain Talbert is never seen without his powersword by his side and is rumoured to have used it to kill several Eldar boarders many years ago. He normally also has some sort of laspistol in a holster.


Captain Talbert is a reserved man, and little is known about his childhood. He entered the Imperial Naval Academy at the age of 19 and excelled in his studies. After graduating, he was assigned as a junior officer to the Dauntless Class Light Cruiser, Avenger. He rose steadily through the ranks, impressing his superiours and eventually being transfered to command a Firestorm Class Destroyer by the name of The Emperor’s Will. He commanded the Emperor’s Will to victory in a great many battles before he was reassigned to be first officer aboard the Chimaera. There, he served under Captain Pellaeon, a man of great renown in the Calixis Fleet. For the five years he held this position, he formed a lasting companionship with his Captain. At this point, Captain Pellaeon was apparently promoted or reassigned, and Talbert was promoted to Captain of the Chimaera. It was ten years later that Pellaeon, apparently an Inquisitor, requested Captain Talberts assistance on a mission to the planet of Bront. Talbert was happy to aid his former commanding officer. Captain Talbert continues to aid his former superior officer whenever he can.

Captain Damien Talbert

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