Marshall Conrad Hawk

Commander of the Adeptus Arbites presence on Sephano Prime


Marshall Hawk forgoes the customary shotgun and shock maul of the Arbites, instead favoring a more versitile approach of a boltgun and chainsword. He frequently practices with both and is a force to reckon with in any combat situation. He is a compatent leader, though he has been known to make mistakes, having only led Arbites for five years.


Conrad Hawk was born on the planet of Kulth on 4494708.M41. At the age of five, his parents were slaughtered by an invading ork waaugh. He was saved by an Adeptus Astartes tactical squad and transported to safety along with the other civilians on the planet. Though most of the civilians were brought back to Kulth at the end of the waaugh, Hawk was one of a few thousand transported to Scintilla for unknown reasons. Apparently his brief encounter with the Astartes had a deep impact on the young boy, and he dedicated his life to the Emperor and his Angels of Death. He was taken in by one of the many churches in Hive Tarsus and served as a page there for many years. Despite knowing he could not become an Astartes, he trained with their weapons, working to become a great warrior. By his eighteenth birthday, he knew how he would serve the Emperor best; as an enforcer and protecter of his will. A keen mind, zealous love for the Emperor, and his physical prowess soon earned him entrance into the Adeptues Arbites, where he flourished quickly. Though seen as somewhat headstrong by his superiours, he impressed them with his determination and skill. Hawk rose through the ranks on Scintilla, reaching the rank of Arbitrator by the time he was twentythree. He was then further promoted to the rank of Proctor and sent to serve the Imperium on Sephano Prime. He quickly caught the eye of Commander Venris Merlov, the head of the Fenryle Guard. They became fast friends, both sharing a deep seated will to serve man in his quest against the darkness. A year into Hawks posting, his immediate superior was promoted and sent to Scintilla. Hawk was promoted to the rank of Marshall and total command over the Arbites presence on Sephano Prime. He continues to hold that post.

Marshall Conrad Hawk

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