Commander Venris Merlov

Former Supreme Commander of Fenryle Guard


A veteran soldier, Venris’ personnel kill count is well over three hundred. As he has aged, he has tended to lead more from the rear then on the front line, but he is no less dangerous because of it. His weapons of choice tend to be the powerfist given to him by Lord-General Ragnar and his Deathlight.


Venris Merlov was born on the planet Sephano Prime on 679.M41. He and was raised by his mother and father, both miners until he joined the Imperial Guard at the age of 18. While he was immediatly seen to be a good soldier and promoted to the rank of Sergeant, it was not until the Gelmiro Sector rose in rebellion that he was given a chance to prove himself. Venris quickly rose in the ranks when his regiment was shipped to Gelmiro Primus, eventually achieving the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Once the rebellion on Gelmiro was put down, Venris was chosen to return to his homeworld of Sephano Prime, where the PDF forces, known as the Fenryle Guard, were in need of a commander. Fourty years after leaving Sephano Prime, Venris returned a war hero. For seven years, Sephano Prime required little action by Venris or his Fenryle Guard. Never forgetting that the Imperiums enemies may stike at any time, Venris kept the Guard in excellent shape, even acquiring two Leman Russ squadrons, as well as numerous other armoured vehicles. Four years ago, rebellion started to ferment on Sephano Prime due to the dramatic increase in tithe. Commander Venris planned to crush this rebellion quickly and, after finding the secret location of the rebel base, joined his most elite platoon in an attempt to destroy it. It is unknown what happened there, and his body was not found when reinforcements arrived at the base. Several months later, rumor began to circulate that Venris was commanding the rebels. This was seen as proposterous until three years later, when he was confirmed to have been present at a shoot out between rebels and the Fenryle Guard. He has continued to elude capture and his location is unknown.

Commander Venris Merlov

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